What are generally prohibited weapons?

The California penal code specifically lists a number of generally prohibited weapons (formerly known as dangerous weapons). This means you are not allowed to carry these specific weapons, regardless of your intent. These crimes are known as wobblers, which means that if you have been arrested for carrying a generally prohibited weapon you could be facing a misdemeanor or felony.

List of Generally Prohibited Weapons
— Air Gauge Knife (PC 20310)
— Ammunition that contains flechette dart (PC 30210)
— A Ballistic Knife (PC 21110)
— A Belt Buckle Knife (PC 20410)
— A Bullet containing or carrying an explosive agent (PC 30210)
— A camouflaging Firearm Container (PC 24310)
— A Cane Gun (PC 24410)
— A Cane Sword (PC 20510)
— A Concealed Dirk or Dagger (PC 21310)
— A Concealed Explosive Substance, other than fixed ammunition (PC 19100)
— A Firearm that is not immediately recognized as a Firearm (PC 24510)
— A Large Capacity Magazine (PC 32310)
— A leaded cane, or a billy, billy jack, sandbag, sandclub, sap or slungshot (PC 22210)
— A lipstick case knife (PC 20610)
— Metal Knuckles (PC 21810)
— Mental Military Practice Hand Grenade or Metal Replica Hand Grenade (PC 19200)
— A Multi-Burst Trigger Activator (PC 32900)
— A Nunchaku (PC 22010)
— A Shobie-zue (PC 20710)
— A Short barreled rifle or short barreled shotgun (PC 33215)
— A Shuriken (PC 22410)
— An unconventional Pistol (PC 31500)
— An Undetectable Firearm (PC 24610)
— A Wallet Gun (PC 24710)
— A Writing Pen Knife (PC 20910)
— A Zip Gun (PC 33600)

Defenses of Generally Prohibited Weapons
— You did not knowingly possesses the weapon.
— The facts of your case fall within one of the specifically listed exemptions
— Transitory possession
— Fourth Amendment violation – the police discovered the weapon after an illegal search or an illegally obtained confession.

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