DV case drug testing

The best. That it all I have. Never met face to face but I would hire her again. When I flaked on showing to court Heena was there, made her look bad, sorry. thx no bench warrant. She is passionate about the real life problems of her clients. That was my first impression. Reasonable charges even so far as to go generous. I asked about my bros case. She gave good info and I said charge it but she ” no” not this time. My case didn’t work it self out the way I wanted but she went in with limited info that was my fault but she saved me from jail and probation violation hearing since I missed several drug tests. My case was a misdemeanor no P.O. No priors but my crim his. Would reveal a background of violence. So those other lawyers I sought after wouldn’t stand up to her. Plus they charge way to much. Thank you Miss Patel


It’s hard to find an Angel in today’s world….but believe me, they are out there!

I was in need of an attorney and I came across Heena. she helped me by giving me information helpful information before I even hired her. Once talking to her she made me feel better about the situation I was in and she made me feel comfortable that my situation would get better and that she would do as much as she could to help me with my situation. And since my court date she has helped me with any issue or anyting that has came up regarding this issue of mine. Thank you Heena, my life is a little bit more less stressful and I am on my way to finishing what I have to do for the court and I can see life after dealing with the court. I will definitely call her if I ever need any kind of help legal help legal advice and I would definitely refer her to anybody who needs help like I needed help.


A Truly Outstanding Attorney – Look No Further

We hired Heena to represent our high school aged daughter in a traumatic situation. Our daughter reported being sexually accosted, and, as a result, found herself accused and charged with assault in retaliation. Heena returned my initial consultation inquiry voicemail immediately — from her vacation. I mention that only as our first evidence of how much Heena cares — we were not even a client yet, and she cared enough to respond quickly. This high EQ (emotional quotient) manifest itself throughout our case, with Heena taking the time to build rapport and relationship with our daughter as well as with us. She is incredibly responsive — which is not always the case with other attorneys. Heena is unique in that her IQ (intellectual quotient) equals and surpasses her high EQ. She is whip smart and knows her discipline deeply. She knows the system deeply. And, she knows how to play chess while others may be playing checkers. Consequently, she was able to navigate thorny waters and get the best possible outcome for our daughter and eliminate an assault charge that could have followed her around for her entire life. Our entire family is deeply grateful to her.


Best Attorney Ever

We hired Ms. Heena Patel as our attorney for our son. Ms. Patel is very knowledgeable about the law. She fought hard and got 2 strikes dismissed. Ms. Patel was always interested in our sons and our family’s well being. She is our attorney for life. I would recommend her to my family and friends.


Henna is someone you would want in your corner!

I hired Heena Patel and I have no regrets! She held my hand through the whole process even when I asked the same questions multiple times. She made herself available when I needed her and can’t express enough that you would her to be in your corner. I would recommend her to anyone who needed representation.



Heena, is an excellent attorney and I am so glad she was on my side. Heena came highly recommended to me from a well respected attorney friend on Robert Yasui in Los Angeles. She is very smart, aggressive, tough and very determine to win. Put her on your team, you will not regret it. Heena, thank you for all you’ve done for me and my family I appreciated very much.


Great Criminal Defense Lawyer

Heena is such an awesome attorney! She was such a big help with my husbands case. She was very attentive and understanding of our situation. She went out of her way to get results as quickly as possible. She new the codes and laws very well and defended my husband better then I could have asked! If anything happens again in the future she will definitely be my first call. I highly recommend her and am so grateful for all the hard work and care she put into his case! Thanks Heena!!!

Fala V. Toailoa

Domestic Violence

Heena Patel is an amazing Attorney, she was very kind, patient, understanding helping me with my whole case situation report that happened, she was there every step of the way with me always updating me, it really took off the anxiety and stress off my back and after a journey walking through it all together, we got victory! I would highly recommend Heena to anyone who’s going through any type of criminal situation, she has your back the whole way through and she doesn’t disappoint! She is awesome!


Juvenile Case

My Family Member had charges brought against him and was put in a very stressful situation. He was young and inexperienced in these sorts of matters. Luckily, we met with Ms. Patel and she took his very difficult case. Ms. Patel not only guided my nephew and family member through the process step by step, but she proved to the opposing side that they did not have a case against my Family Member and Ms. Patel got my family member’s charges dropped! Thank you Ms. Patel for all your Help! we will be forever indebted to you and grateful.


Heena is Awesome!

We hired Heena as an attorney to help us navigate through a nightmare of a situation. From the start, she was very clear with her plan and also detailed in answering and explaining all that was to be expected. Instantly felt relief after our first meeting. My daughter was not easy to gain trust but Heena bonded with her rt away and this was huge. We provided Heena with what we wanted for my kiddo and she delivered and the some! Highly recommend Heena to anyone needing a criminal defense attorney.


Logical and effective

My case was about my former rental property manager holding my rent while she was under bail for criminal real estate dealings. News reports indicate she was holding upwards of $500k in innocent people’s money. She’s held my money in excess of 3 months. My amount owed was just $6k. In the end, I got my money and I’m thankful for all Heena has done for me. I’m certain this could have dragged on for many more months! I’d recommend Heena to any friend, family, neighbor, or random person that’s innocent and needs justice. She CAN and will help because she’s passionate and cares about the law and bring you justice.


Absolutely the best in California!!!!!!!

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have hired Heena as my lawyer. I messaged 20 lawyers and only she came back saying that she was willing to help me during my time of trouble. She talked to me and calmed me down and explained clearly what my options were for my case. I would never write any reviews for anyone but after what she did for me it’s only the least I can do for her. Please if you by any chance need a lawyer I urge you to contact her because you best believe she is that one person that will listen and help you through whatever you are going through. Thank you so much Heena for bringing justice to my family.