People v. JB

JB was charged with a DUI with a 0.08/0.08 BAC. At trial, I impeached the officer after his testimony changed from a previous pre-trial hearing. The jury found JB NOT GUILTY.

People v. RO

RO was charged with a DUI. She threw up right before the chemical test was given. At trial, I was able to show that this makes the BAC unreliable. The DA also tried to introduce a new witness in the middle of trial. I asked the judge to exclude the witness and dismiss the case because of a lack of evidence. The judge agreed with me and DISMISSED the case, without sending it to the jury.

People v. JR

JR was charged with 3 strikes. At preliminary hearing, after I cross examined the two alleged victims and attached their credibility by impeaching them, the DA chose not to call their last witness, the investigating police officer. The judge DISMISSED 2 STRIKES at prelim and before trial, JR received a one count disturbing the peace misdemeanor with no probation.

People v. JS

A witness accused JS of child endangerment. JS was at risk of losing custody of his child. I subpoenaed records to show the witness has lied in the past. I negotiated with the DA to dismiss the case after my client completed some classes. The case was DISMISSED and JS did not have to plead to anything.

People v. SS

SS was charged with domestic violence. He was receiving asylum from India. If he pled to the domestic violence charge, he would lose his asylum status. I negotiated with the DA and convinced him to DISMISS the domestic violence charge and SS was able to pled to an infraction (similar to a traffic ticket).

People v. EG

EG was charged with indecent exposure. If convicted, he would have had to register as a sex offender. After trial, the jury hung in favor of NOT GUILTY. The DA reduced the charge and after a year, the case was infracted. EG will not have to register as a sex offender.

People v. DM

DM was charged with a DUI refusal. She blew a 0.12 on the preliminary alcohol screening device (PAS) and was accused of refusing the chemical breath test. At trial I was able to show that the officer failed to look into my client’s mouth before administering the PAS. This was relevant because during the arrest my client told the officer that she ate pieces of fruit soaked in alcohol earlier in the evening. The jury hung in favor of Not Guilty. The DA DISMISSED the case.

People v. JC

JC was charged with commercial burglary and petty theft as an aider and abettor. He was in a store where his friend took some items and ran out of the store. My client followed his friend out the store and was arrested. At trial I introduced surveillance video that showed that my client was nowhere near his friend at the time of the theft and therefore had no knowledge, which is required to show aiding and abetting. The jury found JC NOT GUILTY on both counts.

People v. FM

FM was charged with hitting his aunt. His aunt was interviewed by two different officers and gave two different statements. At trial, the DA called one officer. I called the other officer as my witness to show that the aunt was not telling the truth. The jury found FM NOT GUILTY.

People v. KG

KG was charged with resisting, delaying, or obstructing a police officer in the lawful performance of his duty. She questioned a police officer that was arresting her husband for public intoxication. At trial, I showed that the police officer unlawfully arrested her husband, and therefore the officer was not lawfully performing his duty. The jury found KG NOT GUILTY.

People v. RH

RH, a minor, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. At trial I showed that the DA failed to prove the weapon was concealed. The judge DISMISSED the case.

People v. KV

KV was charged with domestic violence. I found witnesses to the incident and they said my client was the actual victim. The DA DISMISSED the case.

People v. SK

SK was charged with possession of a knife. The police failed to preserve the evidence before trial. I made a motion arguing that the police destroyed evidence. The case was DISMISSED.